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Diet After Surgery
Follow the dietary recommendations after bariatric surgery to reduce complications after surgery.Faster recovery of surgical patients is very important and helps to change your eating habits to achieve weight loss expected.
Pathway to Surgery
For bariatric surgery in Tehran obesity treatment center, patient should take important steps before surgery.
It is proved that these actions and consultation before surgery cause make better result.
Procedure for obesity surgery can be divided into several stages:
Why bariatric surgery?
BMI equal to or greater than 40 are considered overweight or obese grade. People with obesity and various diseases suffer from complications and a significantly higher risk of developing diseases.

Tehran Obesity Treatment Center

Tehran obesity treatment center as one of the earliest centers of prevention, treatment and bariatric surgery in Iran that works with most experienced team of medical, personnel and trained technicians in all aspects of obesity, This is the result of years of hard work, experience and academic work. This center has over a decade with experience in the treatment of obesity, specializing in bariatric surgery that is based on the latest techniques and with desirable quality to serve the people of the world.

Types of obesity surgery

Gastric Bypass
usually performed in one of the two methods shown below, Classic Gastric Bypass and Mini Gastric Bypass...
Sleeve Gastrectomy
in this procedure, the reserving and hormone-secreting part of the stomach is surgically removed, resulting in lowered volume compliance...
Adjustable Gastric Banding
in this procedure, a silicon ring is placed around the inlet of the stomach, which is connected to a part placed under the skin (access port), giving the surgeon the ability to adjust the diameter of the ring...
Gastric Plication
in this procedure, vascular structures of the greater curvature are cut off, following by insertion of the adjacent parts of the stomach into itself, filling the stomach with its own tissue...
is a procedure both restrictive and malabsorptive, in which the volume capacity of the stomach is partially reduced, and as shown in the photo below, food, pancreatic secretions and...

The calculation of body mass index (BMI)

Height (in inches):
We i g h t (per kg):
Body mass index (BMI) was:

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Tehran Obesity Trearment Center
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